Blowkings has been a long standing cold chain manufacturer with over 35 years of rich experience in this industry. Blowkings, a cold chain equipments manufacturer specifically focuses in the Passive cold chain equipments industry. Being from india, we know a lot of people across India alone and many other third world countries and developing countries,we hear and see people die of diseases when they are not vaccinated. More over, these vaccines cannot remain cool without refrigirators as they don’t have sources of electricity. To solve this issue we gained interest into passive equipments which do not require electricity and still keep vaccines cool. Further, enabling a vast section of society that does not have access to electricity, to be vaccinated effectively and efficiently. Being in the industry of cold chain, and being a cold chain manufacturer, blowkings continously tries and tests various methods of improving this technology for a better future to all. Cold chain manufacturer needs to enable and ensure that their products have sustainbility, long durabilty and perform smoothly on the fields. Blowkings, a cold chain manufacturer has proved it self a reliable supplier for its products that are known for its long standing ability, durablitiy, sustainability and its efficacy, efficiently. Cold chain manufacturer, Blowkings is now known across the industry as an exceptional manufacturer who stands by their customers in need and helps this market grow with its continuos improvements in its designs. Blowkings, a cold chain manufacturer thrives to reestablish its products with better and more efficient designs and continuos learning.